Where do you buy blotter paper, or what to substitute?

Violetrose(Sunset 24)January 5, 2003

I received a flower press for Christmas. It has a traditional wood frame and came with cardboard and blotter paper. I went to Michaels to look for more blotter paper, and they didn't seem to know what I am talking about. What do those of you who use traditional style flower presses use to absorb moisture between slats? Is there a good substitute for blotter paper?

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glory(so california)

Hi there -

You can sometimes get large sheets of blotting paper at your office supply/stationary stores...(also sometimes art supply places)...Good luck in finding some if you haven't already!


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perennial_woman(z8 AZ)

Newspaper is a good substitute.

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You can use layers of newspapers, plus some cheap paper towels as the layers that actually touch the plants. That way, you won't get newspaper ink staining your flowers or leaves.

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nenadrew(7b MS)

If you want to use newspaper without the messy ink, check with your local newspaper office; they probably sell their end rolls of clean newsprint for cheap (ours does, anyway.) You can cut or tear it any size you want. Handy for wrapping dishes when moving, too.


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Rosa(4ish CO Rockie)

You use the newspaper between the blotter paper for pressing flowers. The order is corregated cardboard, blotter paper, newspaper, the plant, newspaper, blotter paper, corregated cardboard, etc....The blotter paper is not meant to touch the plants but to provide a smooth surface between the layers of corregated cardboard. The cardboard probvides the airflow needed to dry the contents of the press. If your press did not come with cardboard then get some boxes and cut some to size. I do not use paper towels next to any plant pressing. They can and do leave imprints on pressings. Newspaper ink is now a soy based product and does not smear as easily as it used to and have never had ink rub off on any plant pressing. I buy additional blotter paper at the art supply store-just take a blotter with you and they can get something close that is suitable. The sheets are very large (30" x 40"?) so I cut them myself.
You can also buy traditional blotters for plant presses at places like Forestry Suppliers or Carolina Biological supply.

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newfiepaws(Zone 6A MA)

I've been pressing flowers for a few years, and I've used various methods.

Paper towels frequently leave "dotted" impressions on delicated petals. Corrugated carboard, even with blotting paper in between, can also leave vertical impressions.

And with all the fancy pressers out there, I think the best method is still the tried and true phone book. If you can wait a week or two, the results are worth it!

Also, blank newsprint is great between the pages of books. If you can find a local newspaper that uses an outside printer, they will probably be willing to give you the extra blanks they get everyday from the printer.

Note: Remember to weigh down everything with heavy books!


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Rosa(4ish CO Rockie)

Never had a problem with corragated cardboard as long as the bloters are not too worn out and the proper thickness.

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romando(9b/10a , sunset 17)

I really recommend the phone book, too. I've had nothing but success. And it's free.

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botanical8(NW Oregon)

Even though it has been nine months since Violetrose asked about blotter paper here is a great supplier of blotter paper and other materials used by proffesional plant biologists in preserving plant specimens:
Herbarium Supply
3483 Edison Way
Menlo Park, CA 94025

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