pressed flower has stripes

cornflakegrlJanuary 5, 2010

I am still having problems with pressing flowers. Now, all the flowers have stripes from the cardboard. They look like they were put on a grill. I am thinking about putting more layers of absorbant material between the paper and the cardboard, but I am worried about the rot problems developing again. Help please!!

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I'm having the same problems. Wish someone would reply to you and then I'd know what to do. I'm using a fine fluted cardboard (wine box) with layers of paper and blotting paper in between in a press in order of cardboard, blotting paper, plain paper, flower, plain paper, blotting paper, cardboard, how are you doing it?

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hi, instead of cardboard, try mat board. Put a layer of air conditioning foam on either side of the paper (try tissues or Viva paper towels). It will allow air circulation to avoid rot, and will not leave "stripes" on your flowers. Viva paper towel is the only type without an embossed design, so again, no design on the flowers. You have the right idea with making a "sandwich"--try the foam- it works great!

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Hi I feel your pain, years ago I found presses didn't work, I use plain old phone books and computer printing paper and weights put on top.I shared this with a fellow Master Gardener one day and he used to work for the phone company and told me why it works so well, they put fungucide in the paper so my flowers don't mold at all. I just section out pages between my pressings and use two sheets of printing paper with flowers in between. I have been pressing for many years, see my site for examples all done with phone books only. good luck, so easy.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Petal Press

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