Forever Flowers Product

Josh(z8a)February 3, 2005

Has anyone tried this product? Sounds too easy and "too good to be true" but probably silica gel when first introduced met with some scepticism so I'm wondering...?

If I weren't using every spare penny to make out my spring plant/seed orders I'd be tempted. But first I'd sure lke some feedback from anyone who's even heard of it or used it. josh

Here is a link that might be useful: Forever Flowers

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The "antique patina" phrase worries me. I go to great lengths to capture a fresh look when I dry flowers--I guess any old things could claim to have an "antique patina", including the 8 year old wreaths I hang in the branches of the trees for birds to nest in.


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Kate, I think it must be some sort of wax as it needs heating, and like you, I much prefer the natural color and texture of a dried flower. Still curious, though, and hope someone else will try it out for us~~smile~~josh

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joslookin(zone 9);cat=&dept=&sf=ct&gs=&subcat=&attr=565&o=-RI&prev=hp!sf!565&afsrc=1

It is a lil cheaper here, I am still looking for the manufacturer's site. Let me know what you find out!

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joslookin(zone 9)

Me again. On the site above I scrolled down to find reviews of the product. They were, how shall I say, NOT complimentary! I not going to look further for it.

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Joslookin, Thanks for the further info and especially calling attention to the bad reviews (I probably would have missed that). Sure glad I always GW members saved me time and money. Thanks again. josh

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