Lee Valley Flower Press

cookie8(zone 5 ON)February 2, 2005

Has anyone tried the Lee Valley Microwave Press Kit? It is it even necessary (if it really simplifies the process I am interested)? I am hoping to try drying flowers as I saw some great ideas in the past for them.

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I have it and I enjoy using it. I first read about it on this forum.

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I've used the method on attached link with good results. I use two shallow Pyrex pieplates and coffeefilters. I also put a Pyrex-cup of water in microwave...read this in my microwave instruction book..says prevents overdrying of flowers/foliage.

Good luck. josh

Here is a link that might be useful: Drying Flowers in Microwave

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IndianPaintBrush(z5 ID)

Hello Folks!

I am new to the Group here, and I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with this Garden Web Group Site! The "link" to the Site was sent to me by a relative, because I am wanting to learn how to "Press & dry" flowers. While reading thru some of the Postings, I was able to go into the "Lee Valley" Web Site, & happened to see the "Microwave Flower Press" that Lee Valley had to offer. Thus, I was so "excited" over this "find," that I just ordered me one of these "Microwave Presses" today! I just can't wait until I get it in, and do hope I will be satisfied with it!! I know that a few of you probably have this very "Flower Press," so any feed-back or tips you can give me in regards to it, would be greatly appreciated!

I also ask all of you to please "bear-with-me" as I get "use to" your Group Site here, & figure out how to "navigate" my way around!! I hope to learn much here, as I am a fairly "amatuer" Gardener, & do have so very much to learn ahead of me... I also have very "poor" soil where I live out on my Ranch, so that does not help matters, with me trying to "grow" the simplest of things sometimes.

Happy Spring to all, & I hope to be able to drop in often and post. Please feel free to contact me if you have any good suggestions, tips, or anything of interest.

Regards to everyone,

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Does anyone have the instructions still for the Lee Valley flower press kit? I lost my instructions and haven't used the kit in a whileâ¦.so long I can't recall how long and at what power level I should it into the microwave.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

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