Recommended nurseries Near Pheonix & tucson

Microthrix(9)December 10, 2012

Imm going off to Arizona for christmas, with my only presents being cacti :D Im going to Bach`s nursery and maybe miles2go if that is open to the public. what are some other good succulent nurseries with a variety of plants near the above named cities?

Thanks guys!

~zeck âº

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GeeS 9b

Bachs is fabulous, you could literally spend hours there. In the Phoenix area, I'd suggest stopping by P & M in Scottsdale (a little like visiting the DBG), Old West Cactus Farm in north Phoenix (lots of interesting little oddballs in the shade-houses -- the place is enormous), and an intimate little place in Apache Junction called Shady Way Gardens.

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Thanks for the pointers to the Phoenix-area ones, GS - I've not been to all three of those.


Starr Nurseries, too, for Agaves and other tasty things, too. But definitely call first to him and to Miles before you go there.

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thanks gs!yeah, bach`s is huge! i spent a few hours there roaming around find many beautiful plants, but sadly, i had to only get a few... i even found some 30 year old pelecyphora, but they werent for sale.

do you have a number for miles? i didnt go last trip to arizona. because i couldnt find a number

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GeeS 9b

There are other places I would recommend for Agaves specifically, or for Aloes or Yuccas; the three I mentioned are the best places I've found in the VOTS to shop cacti, in particular. You have to stop by Shady Way, I don't believe it's far at all from your snow bird residence. It's a tiny little place, but they always have interesting stuff I've never seen elsewhere, which earns them high marks from this reviewer. ;-)

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

Here's a link to his web site and phone #'s. do give him a call. :-)

Arid lands is another great place here in Tucson, also would need to call them. They are open most days, but better to call first and make sure. :-)

Arid Lands

Happy Shopping!

Here is a link that might be useful: Miles2go

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In addition to the above, I recommend:

Tucson Area:
B&B Cactus Farm
Plants for the Southwest
Desert Survivors
Mesquite Valley Growers - sometimes has a nice hidden gem

Phoenix Area:
Arizona Cactus Sales
Desert Foothills Nursery
Saguaro Country Nursery (hidden gems in the storage greenhouses)

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Forgot to mention - Arid Adaptations Nursery in N Tucson.
Never been, but have heard great things about it, and they are not far from Miles' place. Call for hours.

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GeeS 9b

Desert Foothills is the best spot in the VOTS for Agaves, Aloes, and Yuccas. Saguaro is/was a nice spot, but they're off my list since they're only open Mon-Fri now, and yeah I made that discovery the hard way -- after a 50 minute drive.

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