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corgicorner(Mass 6/7)November 22, 2005

Here is a recipe I obtained from my local greenhouse, and they advise it was from Backyard Magazine:

Beat together 1 egg and 1/2 cup of milk. Add 1 tablespoon of cooking oil, and 1 tablespoon of dish soap. Add 1 galloon of water and shake or still well.

Spray or sprinkle plants every two weeks or after a heavy rain. Store in a covered container. DO NOT SPRAY ON EDIBLES.

NOTE: I blended 1 large clove of garlic and 3 teaspoons of Cayenne pepper powder into the mix. I have had no further trouble with deer, but I put the mix into a sprinkling can and applied it where I had trouble with deer eating. Maybe I was just plain lucky.

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corgicorner(Mass 6/7)

It has also been suggested that mint leaves--probably the more the merrier--be used when blending the materials. I used an electric blender, not just mixing the materials together.

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Garlic in the mix is recommended.
My recipe which works well is a couple of eggs with some garlic cloves. (I pick out garlic cloves from my cooking supplies which are past their prime so they are not wasted).
Put in the mixer with a bit of water, mix and then strain out residue. Poor the elixer into a spray bottle and add water. Leave for two days before spraying. It stinks - but thats the idea!

Deer don't seem to like their food associated with dead animal products - and eggs are just that. Soap is made from animal fat and so also I hang half bars of soap on my valuable plants. I have actually seen a deer sniff one of my "soap protected" plants and then move on without grazing.

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I found an organic repellent made by Bird-X that is just $ 16.95 and it is made of capsaicin pepper plus USP grade castor oil. According to them its deer repellent formula is active up to 30 days even after severals waterings and/or rain.

Here is a link that might be useful: Organic Scoot Deer Repellent By Bird-X, Inc.

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becky_jean(z8 GA)

Last year, I bought a gal. of Hinder; recommended by garden supplier that major nurseries use it, even in irrigation system to apply in large areas. It is some extremely concentrated capsaicin (sp?). It only takes about 5 oz./2 gal. You spray for at least 3 days straight, when you know it won't be watered off. It has worked beautifully to the point my neighbor has asked what I use since I still had roses & they didn't!
It didn't cost but maybe $10 & looks like it will last me a while. I did find that I had to "remind" the deer about every 3 months or so.

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I've used Deer Off for two years on my present landscaping. Moved from one subdivision where I never had a deer problem to this nightmare. The developers where I live came up with a "planting palatte" and included several shrubs and ground cover that deer love....duh, there must be 10,000 pregnant deer in this development! Anyway, after spending $50 a month for Deer Off, I put bird netting over 98 Indian Hawthornes. It shows when it rains, but otherwise, it is virtually invisible. Have Peanut plant as a ground cover. Finally gave up on it...(Indian Hawthorne is a deer's dinner, Peanut plant is its dessert). I sprayed it twice with Extended Roundup. Ha! It survived, and the deer have yet to touch it. Cheap option to the cost of Deer Off.

I will certainly try your suggestion of the garlic, soap, milk and egg concoction.

Now, if I can just keep that blue heron off my pool 2-story pool cage....bird spikes are ordered. Pressure washer is used daily. Ah, the thrill of living in Florida...

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