Pomegranate espalier for privacy in a narrow strip against fence

Oscarmatic(CA z10/23)November 9, 2013

Hi! I'm rehabilitating a pond and its surrounding plantings. It would be nice to add a planting between the pond and the fence to screen from the neighbor's windows.

We are in inland San Diego, Sunset zone 23 -- so no thirsty plants. I prefer something fruiting or floral, rather than evergreen. It should have a root system that won't be likely to damage or invade the concrete pond. It's too much to expect, but a tidy plant would reduce the amount of skimming to do in the pond. (We can dream!) The picture below shows the available planting area. The existing tree and philodendron will move, as will the low bush and vines. The screening is really only needed on the right side, but I'm inclined to either plant something wide or plant two for balance.

What do the experienced growers here think of trying an espalier pomegranate in this space? (Be honest if I'm just crazy.)

Alternately, would a trellis extension on the fence and a fruiting or flowering vine be a better option?

Suggestions and strong opinions are very much welcome!

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gregbradley(Upland, CA USDA 9b Sunset 19)

Do you know that Poms loose all their leaves and are just branches for 3 months in SoCal? They are a huge bush and in the fall, all those leaves will go in the pond. They also have big thorns so they are not easy to trim or espalier.

Here is what I'm doing for the too short wall between my house and the neighbor on one side.

Gold Nugget and Bearss Lime on the espalier and a Thornless Mexican Lime in between. Since they are just potted, I put plastic over the pots to cut down on the flooding for this last storm. Now that 4" of rain has stopped, I'm removing it. After I finalize position and soil level, they will go in the ground.

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