water from softener kills grass/trees

Chris_MI(z5 MI)December 23, 2003

Unlike my neighbors who have their water softener backwash dump into their septic tank, mine goes into the sump pump and dumps on the gass which has made a huge swath of dead grass. We tried using a barrel for the downshout, but with our clay soil, it simply overflows, so diverting the sump/softener water into an underground barrel won't work. It seems the quack grass is starting to grow in that barren area, and I have alot of the quack in my FLOWER BEDS to transplant, LOL. How about trees?

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I think you better find a better place to send the water ....

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captstinky(9 WCentral)

Three options I can think of: One run a length of PVC pipe to a location you do not mind discharging the water to. Two, run a length of the 6 or so inch black corrugated pipe used for drainage, bury it about a foot under ground for a good 25ft to disperse the water. I would stay away from tree roots as the salts will accumulate and may cause damage. Three, you could build a Zen rock garden. with a pond?

Good luck

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Do you really need the softener? Many people have been conned into buying something that didn't really need.

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I think once you have a softener and see its benefits, like the family car...that now has automatic transmission, electric windows and doors and all the other gadgets, its hard to not have them.
Would anybody go back to using a clutch in heavy traffic?

Might you, instead of having grass at the place where the water exits, just replace it with gravel...like a pit filled with rocks and gravel where the water drains into and away.
I know there's a term for this pit....it just escapes me at this moment..but many people have them where runoff is excessive and don't wish to lay tile or piping.

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msu_girl(Z5 ( SW Mi))

We also run our water softener "used" water out of the house with a sump pump. We ran a length of pipe outside, buried about 15" deep. It dumps into a buried steel trashcan that's partially filled with pea gravel to help it hold it's shape. When we first installed the sump, we didn't have the extra pipe attached. Wow, that water comes out fast! It dug a huge whole in the lawn even in winter.

To prevent lawn kill, you should use pottassium chloride instead of sodium chloride in your softener. It won't kill any plants, and it will improve the longevity of your sump. (All that salt is hard on the pump.)

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ScottReil_GD(z5 CT)

And the plants can use the potassium (not too many using the sodium, I'd guess)...

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bolecke(5 OH)

DianeKaryl- I think called a french well

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