Anyone Have Extra Ditch Lilies

CAST1(9b Arizona)March 18, 2013

Does anyone have any extra ditch lilies they mind sharing with beginner? All I have right now is Totem Pole Cactus, which might be interesting to somebody.

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silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)

Hi cast, you really dont want to be planting Hermerocallis Fulva, its actually quite invasive , its ubiquitous here in the north east.

Its also a dormant , which probably wouldnt be your best option either.

The best thing I would recomend is getting the advice to the best semi and evergreen cultivators for you. Daylilies have been hybridized along ways from the species cultivators, some very nice and lovely ones can be had between 5-10 dollars now apiece (plus shipping)

If you enjoy the more wild look, there is even cultivators that have a similar aspect, but without the invasive qualities of fulva.

If you do not get any other responses, google Maryotts daylilies and look at the semi and evergreens and pick out 2-3 that catches your eyes.

Silverkelt (ive added a link below)

Link to Maryotts here

and.. just to be cruel to you, here is a link that has destroyed some peoples household budgets.. The Lily auction

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I agree I got some already in the dirt when I got my house, and after 3 years I am still trying to get rid of them. Not as bad as the Ivy though I might add.

the LA does have its own spot in the budget now lol

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I've spent 23 years trying to rid my yard of fulva-the previous owners had surrounded to house with it. I still have random fans pop up every summer. I'm not too sure it couldn't evict your cactus. lol

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I have some ditch daylilies that I tried to kill by putting them in a pile. They are sprouting right now. If you want, I can send you some if you are willing to pay for postage. I can also throw in some extras for you to fill up a flat rate box. I have the following to give, Joan Senior, pink NOID spider(see picture), pink/orange NOID, and maybe some Hyperion elite.

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brit5467(7b/8a Coastal VA)

Ohhhh curse you Silverkelt....LOL. WHY, oh WHY did you post that link? Just kiddin!! What a fantastic site! If not for buying then at least for learning about all the different kinds !!

Thanks again,

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