I'm new at pressing, any suggestions

GardenerDcMarch 12, 2005

What plants/flowers are good for pressing, what are bad? This is the first time I have even approached this and I would like to make my garden last!



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Dc, I'm adding a link that gives a good overview, pus you can scroll down to lengthy lists of flowers and foliage easily pressed. But it's also fun to just experiment. Even now there are possibilities...I picked some tiny new fronds of Purple Fennel, new red leaves of Spirea Gold Mound, some red-bronze Rubus leaves, purple leaves from Asiatic Jasmine...all in a few minutes wandering around my patio today. (I am so-o-o ready for spring!) ~smile~ Also I'm watching for the new growth on Wisteria which is silvery, and all the tiny weeds...so just dive right in...and have fun! Also you might like to read back thru this Forum for info...josh

Here is a link that might be useful: Drying Flowers

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