dying white flowers to stay white

heartsong2April 20, 2011

I'm new to flower pressing, but I'm so enthralled by it that I've been tempted to press everything in sight this spring! I pressed some beautiful, small white flowers from a tree that I think was a Bradford Pear. However, they turned a dingy tan color. Things that I've read state that many white flowers will turn tan or cream when pressed. I'm thinking that if I use a white dye on the white flowers, they will stay white after pressing. Has anyone done this successfully? What kind of dye did you use? Has anyone used another method to keep white flowers white after pressing? Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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Dear HeartSong, I am new at pressing flowers also......I had some of my whites to turn tan......but, I figured out, I can put them in a box on a paper towel and spray Design Master spray on them for pretty colors....... the thing that stays white for me is crepe myrtle....the White "Natchez" kind..... Also, some Queen Anne's Lace stays white also, as well as works for spraying.....
the Design Master comes in different colors. Still trying new things.....

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Try using the broad tip white opaque Sharpie markers to color the whites. Works for some flowers if they aren't too brown.

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Try rubbing chalk on paper and then use your finger to pick up the chalk dust and lightly dab it onto your pressed flower.

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