Dried Flower Press.. Hey Josh!

IndianPaintBrush(z5 ID)April 3, 2005

Hey Josh & Group!

I just wanted to let you know, I finally got in my "Microwave Flower Press" from "Lee Valley!" I had been waiting for it via shipment, & so finally got the chance to try it out just yesterday~ ... it works great, & I just know I will have alot of fun with it, & also derive much enjoyment from it as well~

While experimenting around, I went out onto our Land & pasture here, & just got some tiny Pasture "flowers," and also some "sprigs" of our Western "Sage-brush" to try in the Flower Press. (.. for starters!) The Flower Press worked amazingly fast in the Microwave, & it also did a very nice job of "drying & pressing." I was excited about the outcome of the procedure itself, so can't wait to keep trying new things with it this Spring & Summer!

For all of you "inquiring" in regards to a Flower Press, (even tho I am still learning much about the subject) these terra-cotta Microwave Presses are a good little investment, if you are interested in this type of thing. I also purchased a Microwave Flower Pressing BOOK, and I believe it also tells how to "build your own" Microwave Press----- when I have time to read that info, if anyone is interested, I can "post" what the Book has to refer to on this subject, OK?

Happy "pressing & drying" this Spring everyone!


~ IndianPaintBrush ~

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Hi...so glad you're pleased with and already having fun with your new press. Isn't it fun to see that all the details for some reason seem to show up more clearly when pressed...and that even tiny "weeds" are so intricate and pleasingly shaped.

I've been missing online for a few days and now to catch up ...I'm curious about your experiment with the thistles. josh

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