Pressed Hellebores

nckvilledudes(7a NC)April 9, 2003

Hi all. This is my first time posting on this forum and just thought I would let everyone know that I have had great success pressing hellebore flowers. I don't even do anything fancy--just place the flowers between two pieces of paper towel and place all the layers between the pages of a heavy book and then set extra books on top of the original book. This has worked great for individual hydrangea blooms, fuschias blooms I collected while in Ireland (just pressed them between the pages of a paperback book I had with me on the trip), african violets, and as someone else posted orchid blooms.

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Hey I will try this with my hellebores. They are blooming in my zone at this time. At what stage do you cut the flower to press. Should it be pretty well open? and then do you sorta lay the bloom face down in the paper towel to press it open. What do you do with your pressed flowers? Do you make note cards, put them in candles, etc. I want to try pressing some of my flowers again.

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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

Luv4buds, yes I get the flowers when they are fully open and place the bloom face down on several layers of paper towels, put more layers on the backside and then smash them in between books. So far, I have used the pressed flowers in frames as pictures on my wall. As I do more flowers I would like to make some floral scenes in frames.

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Just a note on using paper towels. I have found (the hard way!!) :>/ that the only paper towels to use pressing flowers are the plain Viva towels. All others in the US have deep embossed patterns, which will give you embossed flowers!!:>(
The hellebores press beautifully!

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