Decoupage Pressed Flowers

dori1951April 23, 2008

I have this wild idea I would like to try, but have no idea exactly how to do it. I have a spinning wheel, I would like to decoupage some dried flowers on the open side. I understand about the gluing and all, but I am not sure what finish I need so that they will be protected. The wheel moves freely so there will be no rubbing or anything like that, but in moving and things I want them to be sealed.

Can you give me and idea of how to go about this?



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Dori, I've used Acrylic Matte Medium as the "glue" and finish coat(s) for decoupaging on wooden trays, canister sets, etc. which get handled frequently and it's held up well. I just use damp cloth to clean... The acrylic medium is supposed to be waterproof once dry, but I just use damp cloth, no damage so far. The medium can be thinned with water if you'd to practice a little first.

It comes in small jars...mine is Liquitex brand from art supply store. I like the matte as it has absolutely no shine, but it's available in gloss and semigloss, too. Good luck. josh

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