Looking for a home for dried flowers

Matt7May 18, 2013


My mom's passion for the last 30 years was making beautiful dried flower cards. She left behind stacks and stacks of dried and pressed flowers preserved in layers of newspapers and books. The flowers vary in colors and sizes, but are mostly small blooms.

I would like to find a home for these. I hate the idea of throwing away such a trove of beautiful pressed flowers. Does anyone have suggestions of how I could find someone who could use these? It would likely be someone local, (Arvada, Colorado) as the pressed flowers are in the layers of papers and books, and could fill quite a few cabinets. Any help will be much appreciated.

Thank you, Matt

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Hi Matt,

I live in Oregon so I'm not sure you'd want to send here. But I teach pressed flower classes and always need flowers! I also work with dialysis patients and they love working with pressed flowers! Just let me know if you think it would be possible to send, I can pay for the postage.

If not, perhaps you have a local Arts Center? Or an after school program they could be donated to? Thanks! Shelly

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I have checked with Denver Botanical Gardens, and searched on line for people who make dried flower cards, but no luck.

These are all small sized flowers, but I will be happy to send you some, if you can use them.


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Thanks Matt! That would be great! My address is PO Box 122, Alsea, OR 97324 :)

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I work at Aldridge Gardens in Hoover Alabama. If you would be interested I would love to have some, if there are any left, to do crafts with the children that come in during the day.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aldridge Gardens link

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