Low water landscaping-- alternative to grass as a play area?

lisadmnFebruary 7, 2004

Hi all. Im new here and dont know much about landscaping, but I live in Southern CA (San Fernando Valley) and would like to relandscape our yard using plants that require minimal water. We currently have a fully (although badly) landscaped half acre in the Santa Monica Mountains. The Valley gets very hot in the summer and we have a HUGE water bill from our lovely Department of Water and Power (and scheduled for another rate hike).

I have seen several yards in my area which I believe possess desert-like plants and it would look beautiful with the style of our house. However, we have a large lawn in the back half of our property which is in full sun all the time, uses tons of water and never looks very good. We have three small children and are hesitant to do away with an open lawn-type of space. Is there an alternative?

If anyone can point me in the right direction either in these forums, a book or even a landscape designer that can help me, I would appreciate it.

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Ask the local water company about xeriscaping brochures, and look in the library for books on it. Check my home page ... I have a link to "How to Plan" landscaping.

One way to minimize the water use is to get rid of as much lawn as possible - use shredded bark under play equipment, goive them a paved or gravelled area, a garden area of ther own to plant and play in, etc.

And loook into the possibility of using Grama or Buffalo grass - they arre lower watrer use, less mowing.

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jmwb(4 MT)

I second the Grama or Buffalo grass. These grasses can tolerate the broiling sun and use very little water. Buffalo forms a nice cushion-like turf and stands up very well to traffic.

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