Best sealant for pressed flower greeting cards

yukisammy(Z-6 PA)May 12, 2004

I am very new to pressed flowers. Currently I just use the old-fashioned "between telephone books" style of pressing. I would like to use the pressed flowers on my greeting cards. What is the best sealant to use so that the flowers don't disintegrate in the mail?

I tried laminating, and found it looked too unnatural. I also tried spraying with an acrylic sealer, but the acrylic spray caused the petals of the pansies to wrinkle. Also, the smell was somewhat offensive.

Can anyone make a recommendation for sealers?

Thanks in advance...

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CandyWA(z8 WA)


I use acrylic spray. The trick is to hold the can 18 or so inches away... and give it just the faintest mist. Wait till it dries (it's only a minute or two) and do that again. It takes about three or four light misty sprays and then a THOROUGH drying time before you put a reasonable coat of the acrylic on the card. And by reasonable I mean a very light coat. After two light coats your flowers should be sealed well enough to add some final coats that will protect them. It's still not fool proof... notice when you buy those cards, they're always in clear plastic envelopes to protect them.

It sounds as if your flowers have gotten wet so they've wrinkled. It's a hassle to do several misty sprays but it keeps the petals dry.

By the way, you can quick dry flowers by laying them between layers of paper towels and ironing them. I've found that they don't lose as much color because the drying time is so fast.

The acrylic odor dissipates if you leave the cards out for a few days. I give mine a quick misty spray of Amarige. It's a very soft scent. You can use essential oils or perfume. Just use it extremely sparingly.

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yukisammy(Z-6 PA)

Thanks for the tips. I'll try the several-coats-of-light-misting technique that you describe. I guess I'm just a little too impatient. :) I thought a thorough first coat with acrylic spray would do the trick.

As to your ironing method. Sounds like a great suggestion. Are you ironing just-picked flowers, or are you ironing flowers that have been pressed, but may be still a little damp? I'd like to make a bunch of cards soon, and the flowers aren't quite ready yet (the flowers are pressed, but not quite dry), so I'm thinking of applying your ironing technique to speed the drying.

Thanks again.

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CandyWA(z8 WA)


I iron fresh flowers. I just tried it with some larger flowers... the size and thickness of pansies... and they turned out great. The trick is to not "cook" them. I use the middle setting on my iron. Then I just press them for 2 seconds... let 'em cool... press again... let 'em cool. I do that until they're dry.

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Luvherbz(zn 6a/b)

Wow - ironing flowers - never thought of that! Thanx for the tip. I've been "pressing" by flowers for many years and never gave ironing them a thought!


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sheryl_ontario(Muncho Lake, BC z2)

Pat, very nice site! I couldn't find anywhere to request that information.

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Wrapsody(8 - WA State)

Here you go. I was just at the website. I used the "Free Drawing" link and found it.

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nanaimopatti(zone 8)

I make pressed flower cards. First I write a personalized note in permanent ink on the front of the card. Then I arrange the flowers - when I am happy with the arrangement I use a glue stick to glue the flowers on. Take a single pce of kleenex and pull it apart so you have 2 pcs. wrinkle it up in your hand then straighten it out. Then I use modge podge to cover the front of the card and lay the wrinkled kleenex on top. Lay a pce of waxed paper on top of this and lay a phone book on top for several days until dry. If you use too much modge podge it does not look great and the card wrinkles - experiemnt until you're happy with it. Have fun.

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I do mine 2 different ways. If I want the flowers directly on card, I put Modpodge on card under petals and press flowers down on it. Then I rub the Modpodge all on top. I use my fingers, and it dries clear. I don't use too much, just enough to protect. Sometimes I put on glitter while glue is wet. Works fine for me. Another way is to cut a mat of cardstock, use glue stick to stick on flowers, and then put clear contact paper all over the piece of mat. I don't make it any larger than the plant. I also do this for bookmarks.

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I have been trying to get to the website and link that is mentioned above... and cant seem to get there.. I'm looking for tips etc, on drying flowers. I have tried to use the Silica Gel, but it leaves the residue from it on the flowers.. I have had some success using the microwave method with paper towels, and copy paper in between plates... which i then continue to dry them in between peices of parchment paper.. again getting some success.. depending on the flowers im trying to dry... I use the flowers in my craft business.. adding sea glass.. for an added decoration to the glass, that the flowers are pressed in between... glass beads for the hanging wire part... or an also incorporate etching butterflys etc to the glass..... just wanted any more tips for this... The flowers im having the hardest time in drying are the small micro poms etc.... they seem to be dry.. and then they get most..even after putting them in a air tight container
I appreciate any and all input
Thank you...

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I have been making pressed flower greeting card& bookmarkes for many years.I just laminet the bookmark and it works just fine,I want to try different way to seal my pressed flower card in the end without laminating show look natural.

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I had been making pressed flower cards for a couple of years off and on. I love making them because each one is unique and is handmade and is not mass produced.

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