drought resistant crop

desertvalleywitchMarch 19, 2008

I live in the Arizona desert. Before the white settlers, a major food staple was the mesquite tree bean. The tree thrives in the desert, and it produces bean pods with rock hard beans. The traditional way to process it was with a metate, basically a stone mortar and oblong pestle. Machine processing tends not to work because it gets gummy. The bean provides a complex carbohydrate that is especially good for maintaining blood sugar levels. Used mostly for bread I think. For more information, contact the Tucson Botanical Gardens.

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)


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eagleandi(SoCal Z9 (SWG19))

I love it! We have native mesquites not too far away from where I live; it was a staple for the native peoples of the Morongo Basin.

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Mesquite beans also can sustainabley make 300 gallons of ethanol per ACRE> per year, this is as good as corn WITH NO PESTICIDES AND FERTILIZERS LIKE CORN. Theres better sources for ethanol but you cant bet a source that produces as well as corn in the desert, with nothing involved besides planting them nd harvesting it yearly.

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