flower press?

novice_2009(zone 6b)May 22, 2009

I want to dry and press flowers and herbs to be hung up in picture frames. I saw a flower press for sale in a catalog, but it was $30. Does anyone know how to make your own using basic materials? I want them to turn out looking true, with characteristics intact, but pretty enough for framing. Any suggestions? Thanks!!!!

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Connie Kru

Hi Novice
I use my microwave to press flowers.
I use viva paper towels and ceramic kitchen wall tiles (Lowes or home depot for about $1 each)
I put the flowers on folded towels and a layer on top and put this sandwiched between the two tiles. I microwave at power 4. My microwave has 10 powers. so that is a low setting if you only have hi, med and low.
I set it for 3 min. and remove and put all under two bricks for 48 hours.
Here is a tray that I just made using pressed flowers.
If you have more questions just e-mail me.

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What a great tip.....and I love your tray.
Thanks for sharing.

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I am looking for someone who can dry and press some flowers from an arrangement and make several small framed pictures into them. They would be for my children and grandchildren as a remembrance of their father and grandfather's memorial. Who in the Dallas area could do that?

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Lee Valley sell a non-cheap but very, very good microwave dryer/press. It's also pretty enough to display when not in use.

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Here's a link on how to make a flower press: http://www.borganic.net/projects.php?project_id=70

Also, here's a link for some flower press related projects:

Hope those help!

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