My new finds

sarahgwDecember 2, 2013

While shopping for Christmas stuff I came
Across two aloe Vera's that weren't already in my collection. I just couldn't resist!!!

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I think the aloe in the lower right hand pic looks like an
aloe zanzibarica.

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The bigger one is an aloe ciliaris hybrid. The smaller one possibly an Aloe juvenna hybrid... Aloe zanzibarica is another name for Aloe juvenna I think..

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Welcome aboard here. It's nice to see another Aloe aficionada at GW. You should also congratulate yourself on getting correct-name labels on your plants.

BTW, Aloe vera is another species entirely different from your two plants, but that shouldn't deter you from collecting the other 489 or so.

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Yes, Aloe ciliaris & Aloe juvenna. Have fun collecting the many Aloe available! :)

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