Drought tolerant sidewalk strip garden ideas.

javaandjazz(z6 CT)March 3, 2009


I live on a corner with sidewalks on both sides of my house. In between the sidewalks and the roads is the narrow strip of grass that I am tired of trying to get grass to grow here. This year I would like to put in drought tolerant low growing perennials in this area. The front yard faces east and along the side that's the south side so you see it gets full hot sun all day! Along the south side I planted purple leaf plum trees that are starting to create some shade. Does anyone have any ideas of what would grow out here. I live in zone 6 CT. Thanks, Richie

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

Cornell and Rutgers U have list for your region. Check them out.

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Is it too cold there for sedums? I have a strip of land next to my driveway that's a level above where the irrigation water flows into the yard, and since I don't want to plant anything there that would need H2O attention, I threw a bunch of sedum cuttings there this spring. They're all righting themselves up and rooting as I type this. And next spring, with some weeding done first, they should be think enough to stop most other things from growing.

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Check out the reviews of "Sedum Acre Gold Moss" at the Dave's Garden website. You would only need a few clumps to start. It will grow extremely fast & fill the areas you are describing.
I don't believe it will be invasive as it will be contained by curbing on one side & sidewalks on the other. I grew some in southeast CT, zone 6 at the street end of a long flower bed and it was very hardy, but not invasive. The sedum was one of the few plants that would tolerate the road salt & sand every winter. It's very pretty when in bloom.

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wow. I came online looking for the exact same thing javaandjazz.

petzold: if would be helpful if you actually put a link instead of "Cornell and Rutgers U" .... those colleges have HUGE WEB SITES to navigate.

I hate sedum. Think they're very ugly. Was hoping for some type of shrub.

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

There are lots of drought-tolerant perennials you could plant in your boulevard. Check out the web site of High Country Gardens in NM. Keep in mind that some of the plants David recommends are not hardy in the Northeast.

Here is a link that might be useful: xeric boulevard plants

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Here I am, on the west coast with the same problem. People here are putting in drought resistant stuff with decomposed granite in between, but that looks too much like the Arizona desert to me. One neighbor actually paved his parkway over! I want to use low water foliage but my husband wants to try Bermuda or Buffalo grass. If we don't get some rain this winter, it will become a moot question!

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