Orange officials sue couple who removed their lawn

delta9daveMarch 2, 2010

Interesting news article from LA Times. We are in a perpetual drought and water bills are going up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Orange officials sue couple who removed their lawn

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Doesn't that figure? I can understand discouraging the "Rusty Truck And Pigweed" school of landscape design, but someone needs to discuss water conservation, with its tradeoffs, with the City Council.

Disgusted, but not surprised,
Kevin : /

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macbirch(ACT Aust)

"I can understand discouraging the "Rusty Truck And Pigweed" school of landscape design"
I agree with that.

Unfortunate that their initial solution seems to have been simply woodchips. With a bit of research into suitable plants and some water usage in the establishment phase it IS possible to have an attractive low water garden.

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floweryearth(8a NW GA)

I so agree with you three. How ignorant could these officials be? It's known that droughts have been plaguing much of the country for a while now, but HELLO? This is southern Cali we're talking about! From my understanding, this is a naturally arid climate.

I hope the Has win for ethical among other reasons. You would think these "officials" would be more educated about the environment.

I think just for this, the city should be ruled to allow for people such as the Has to have low-water-use landscapes if they want, granted it not look like a mess (as two of you said).

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I actually totally understand what the officals are calling for. They are not asking for a lawn to be replaced, they are asking for "Ground Cover". Why? Because if houses and buildings were not there, there would be some kind of plant growing!
When it rains, SOMETHING needs to stop up the rain, it is environmentally worse to just let the rain run off. Many people remove lawns and plant xeroscape, sustainable gardens like a beautiful cactus scape, which would fit the bill nicely here, it sounds like.

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floweryearth(8a NW GA)

You're right, GGG. I guess it set off my temper because in reading the article I assumed that they had sort of a xeriscape thing going when they said that they put in some plants. Yes, it's hard to tell what's worse--not enough water, or dirty water and eroded soil.

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They went to the trouble to take the lawn out. With a fence and woodchips, effort has been made and it sounds like run-off is not an issue at all. I'd like to know that my own fenced yard is my business. As far as a nice xeriscaped, landscaped yard..that takes time/money and in my opinion should be up to personal choice. I'm bothered they can't even have a fenced yard of plain ol' dirt if they want. Maybe they like dirt. It's their yard.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

I have to agree with the city. 4-5 trees would cover 40% easily. With the water they've saved they could afford that. I would have planted a couple trees before I took the lawn out and by now depending on the trees just 2 could cover 40%. I rent and over 40% of my yard is covered with plants I've put in myself. This is America. Keep it beautiful. Just because the government has gone to the dogs doesn't mean you have to. JMO

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

Trees cover large areas and I think that would have kept them from being fined. Simple common sense vic and what's with the SPAM?? Keep that up and you'll be banned.

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Trees consume WAY more water than grass. If there is a good water table that the trees can draw on and they won't need to be watered, I suppose it could work. It doesn't seem to me that there is any water conservation at work with the idea to replace grass with trees. To each his own though. I hope the couple comes up with a solution that works for all parties. I don't know what they're doing at this point.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Where do you get that trees consume more water than grass. I am surrounded by trees that have survived on 6" of water in 12 months. They might be stressed but even the native grasses are burnt to a crisp. A good xeric tree can be maintained with one or 2 deep waterings a summer once established. I have 17 acres of unwatered trees. I am not in clay so I can't speak for people who are in clay. There shrinkage will break roots I immagine.

I have no lawn now. Whatever native grass that lived here before I came or wants to trespass is welcomed . I hate the neighborhood nazi that tells me what I can and what I can't do. I do not like ugly yards either. I find all things native and xeric beautiful. I love the sight of blowing grass wands in the wind. To me , a lawn of mexican wire grass is a knock dead gorgeous statement that needs very little water.

I also think that we in arid Zones should learn to accept brown lawns when we have no water. That is the way of nature and why should we be wasting water on an unsustainable English concept that just doesn't work due to the massive amounts of chemical fertilizers and water needed to keep it green in a countryside where green is fleeting.

When I lived in town I had one branch of the city government encouraging native flora and another branch where people were turned into by nosy or disgruntled and revengeful neighbors for letting their grass grow.The first year one needs to let their grass grow undisturbed to get them established. I was turned in by a neighbor who disagree about the result of a land survey of a shared border (done three times) so he turned me in for everything he could.

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I'm not a fan of Lawns myself. All spring & summer, all you can hear is the drone of lawnmowers. What a waste!!!!

I think these guys should have just not watered the lawn. If it turns brown, what's the township going to do...sue them for that?? It would most likely come up next spring.

I'm currently looking for all kinds of ways to get rid of lawn. I put plastic sheeting down on my sloping areas, followed by mulch and leaves. I sure hope some neighbor doesn't get their drawers in a twist about that. (Slowly covering it with shrubs & groundcover, but it will take some time.)

I did think of putting up a giant fence to keep everyone out of my business, but I suppose that would also get the township riled.

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