low plants for 'sprinkler-less' area.

hovegator(z9 NorCal)March 6, 2004

we have one area of our yard that the sprinklers do not reach. it's not very big, maybe 4 a four foot circle. Rather than excavate and re-route the sprinklers, i have decided that a small bordered garden would be a better option. i'll just stick a little statue in the middle and decorate around it. Question is, what kind of plants can tolerate an infrequent watering with a hose (when i remember to do it) or no watering at all? No trees or tall pnats please. And don't tell me cactus! :)

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Have you considered changing the sprinkler heads in that area slo they spray farther.

Anything you plant will need regular watering until it is established.

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tucsonliz(z9 AZ)

Do aloe and agave fall into the cactus family in your book? Several varieties of aloe would make a nice display when they bloom, and many are frost tolerant.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aloe family link

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Some of the daisies like it very dry: Viguiera stenoloba which isskeletonleaf goldeneye daisy, cut leaf daisy, or Missouri primrose is another choice. Of course, you'll have to water with a hose until established.

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Kara Sasser

lantana, vinca, liriope, zinnias, canna lillies .... mine all fend for themselves and look none the worse. Of course I don't live in the desert, but I have seen all of these plants go 2+ weeks without rain.

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