Weekend garden plans

squeakmommy(Z6b Mid-TN)February 22, 2013

While it is still to early here to plant, it is supposed to be fairly nice this weekend. Anyone have any weekend duties planned that will take them into the garden?

My daughter and I will be building a trellis for our climbing rose. She will earn her Girl Scout Woodworker badge and I will get to be the in garden!

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I'll be shoveling snow and ordering seeds and plants for the veggie garden. We still have several weeks of winter before I will start seriously thinking about even the earliest outdoor garden plans. :>/

How lovely that you and your daughter will be building a trellis together! Your daughter learns woodworking skills, you end up with a trellis, you both get to spend time together; totally a win win situation. Have fun with it.

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koszta_kid(Iowazone 5)

Here in Iowa Shoveled snow yesterday. And looking at garden design books.Glad to get snow-plants nee protection and moisture,

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Same here, we will most probably get another snowfall before March. Hard to believe that is next week already. Meanwhile I'm planning beds and buying seed packs. Waiting on the Spring Cottage issue due out soon. Then I'll really start to drool.

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Aftermidnight just gave me 3 hellebore clumps!!! Whoohoo! So I will be deciding where they go. And building a wooden base for my new compost tumbler(new to me, $30!) It will go beside the one I already have...hubby and I seem to make a lot of compost!;-) Walking thru the yard seeing crocus/snowdrops/primula blooming!!! Yes! Sunny today, but coolish, in the forties...noticed the fish like to nibble on the sides of the pond, and waterlilies have started to grow already!!! I think I was too optimistic and put my nerine bulbs out on the deck....hope the frost hasn't done them in....

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koszta_kid(Iowazone 5)

Going to paint some bird house gourds. Got stencil kits to make them pretty.. We're to get more snow.But we need any type of moisture.Rivers 10 feet below normal.

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I think I wore my over the knee snow boots only once this entire winter. I finally put them away yesterday.

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Your project with your daughter sounds wonderful. Have fun!

It's beautiful today here - 64 degrees F!
But....there is a blizzard headed our way tomorrow.

I went out and cut green grass and some spring weeds to give to the chickens. They gobbled that down. The hens have started laying eggs again, so they need the greens for egg production. The wild grasses have been growing and I've been cutting it up for them this past week. We've gotten three snow falls and several rainfalls, too. Loving all this moisture!

I've been working outside on nicer days and crocheting a baby blanket for my new Great-grand niece on the cold, wet days..

Spring is near now. Tulips and Daffodils are up and the flowering shrubs and trees are forming flower buds. Some of the Jonquils are blooming - they bloom every March, even in the snow..

Irises and daylilies have emerged. Some of the garden phlox have new growth at their bases.

The roses are all forming new leaves or leaf buds. My fall-sown parsley is growing really well.
I hope the fruit trees don't get fooled by all this warm weather and rush into forming blossoms though. Still way too early. for them.

I cut back one of the ornamental grasses and snipped off a few dead tips from a few roses. Walked about inspecting my plants for damage, and looking for regrowth on some of the perennials. Everything is preparing for Spring, which will come in March here.
Of course, the weeds are growing like lightening, and when the weeds grow fast, you know it is just around the corner!.

Everything else will have to wait. :)

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