Drying Ferns

Applegate(Atlanta, GA)June 22, 2004

Do the various drying methods used for flowers also apply to ferns? (I want to dry them, press them against handmade paper and then frame.)

Thanks to all for any suggestions!

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Ferns dry easily layered singly in between several sheets of newspaper, then stack books on top. Be sure they are completely dry before framing...perhaps two weeks will be a safe period. Ferns hold their color fairly well if displayed in low light, but even if they fade eventually to a paler color, still look nice. I like to play around with the various stages of growth It's interesting to dry the croziers before they unfurl... and the Autumn Fern's rosy new growth is magical. Have fun! josh

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Audrey_NY(z5 NY)

I am interested in ferns also. Last year I made 4 pictures with ferns, kept them out of light but they turned yellow. Somewhere I read to use the acid free paper, inlude a small amount of silica granuales (like the ones that come in some prescriptions)behind the picture & glass and seal the back with alumunim (sp?) tape. So far so good. Will let you know what happens. Audrey

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mine all turned a horrible brown color, including those i used glycerin as a preservative with.

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