Does it seem like dip mega performers are gone?

dani_plus_2March 5, 2013

Besides Black Panther, I was thinking I haven't seen many super performers lately in the way of diploids. Many that seem to come out have gorgeous faces and acceptable bud counts and branching, but not that old-timey charm and statuesque garden presence. I was looking at my inventiry- Priscilla's Dream had super buds and branching for me, same for Little Grapette, Patti Neyland, Shy Girl newish), Stars My Destination (newish), Janice BrownIf anyone has seen some newer great dips, please let me know. And list more DORMANTS if you know any great ones, please! Old or new...

Anyone else love dips as much as I do? (joke included) *smile*

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There are some active serious diploid breeders working their genes collections @ this time. I'm a bit squeezed for time at this moment so will list the 'Top-of-Mind' ones for you to check out. All have websites & intros listings on/via Charlotte's ... Tom Polston + Richard Norris + Bob Sobek + Darryl Apps + Mike Huben + C. Turner + (?) Derrow + Doorakian + Carpenter + many others. Some tetraploid breeders also work (quietly) with dips to develop/find unique plants to convert to tets for breeding. Am I correct to say (?) that most anything new or exciting in tets - except teeth & grotesque edges - have been introduced to the tetraploid genetic pool from converted diploids. Stars My Destination + Gabriel's Weathervane + Her Best Bloomers + Stella's Ruffled Fingers + Peanut Butter Frenzy come to mind ...

Mike Patterson

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Clatification ... My previous message is not very clear ... Could be misleading .. The mentioned dip cultivars are NOT listed as converts to tets, but as interesting intros with their own unique or unusual characteristics to investigate.


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Yellow Monkey is registered with a 30 bud count but it gets over 40 in Nova Scotia. I have a small clump and it hit 41 buds last year. I have seen it in a large clump with many scapes above 40 buds.

At My House

Up in the valley.

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That's a great one, Edward! It'll go on my list for sure...

Thanks for the Polston reference...there is one that I found that fits the bill!

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Patty W. zone 5a Illinois

Mike Derrow has some excellent performing dips. All have had heathy foliage,re bloom, great color and great bud counts. I can't wait for Adena Inferno to get hear. Rapidly becoming my favorite to order from. His site is Adena Hems.

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skinimin(z5 Il.)

Hi Dani,

Here are a just a few of the dips that I grow that I consider GREAT consistent northern performers with wonderful blooms and plant habits as well. (all the ones mentioned are dormant for me too.) Not sure what your budget is (or the form that you're looking for), but except for RFK, all are quite moderate in price.

First up is ROSE F. KENNEDY (Doorakian)...blooms its head off for a LONG time, AMAZING flower, sinfully fertile, great parent and wonderful plant habits to boot!) A MUST HAVE!

SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE (Norris) Intriguing bloom, amazing substance, very fertile, blooms a LONG time, and fabulous genetics too.

ORCHID CANOPY (Mahieu) Exquisite open form that just floats in the air....blooms for months!

HEAVENLY WHITE LIGHTNING (Gossard)...won the Stout and well deserved too!

LATE TO THE PARTY (Crichton, B.J.) The color and saturation of this flower is AMAZING! Tall, strong scapes, blooms hold up very well and bloom mid to late for a very long time with great pollen and pod setting too...LOVE IT!

Also, Margo Reed and Jim Murphy have a long list of exceptionally fine daylilies bred for performance and plant habits....a wonderful source!

I'm not sure how to post multiple pics, so I'll just do them separately.

Happy Hemming,

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skinimin(z5 Il.)

Rose F. Kennedy

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skinimin(z5 Il.)


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skinimin(z5 Il.)


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skinimin(z5 Il.) bad, this is HEAVENLY ANGEL ICE (that won the Stout), not HEAVENLY WHITE LIGHTENING (but I hear great things about that one too!)

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skinimin(z5 Il.)

LATE TO THE PARTY (more of a cherry red than the picture indicates.)

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Heavenly Angel Ice was a runner up but it did NOT win the Stout Medal!! However, it is still on the eligible list for this year. I grow almost all of these too and agree they are great performers. I grow a lot of Margo and Jim's dips, Jamie Gossard and Bret Clement both have very good dip lines also, along with Pat Cochenour.

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I forgot to mention, I have grown Rose F. Kennedy since ... I can't remember, almost since it came out. I think I got it in 2007 maybe. It does OK but isn't the most vigorous daylily in the garden. It is extremely distinctive and I love the bloom, however.

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As much as I love Heavenly Angel Ice, do not divide it. It sulks like crazy.

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skinimin(z5 Il.)

This is why I enjoy plant get to hear other's real life evaluations and it can be very helpful....especially with lesser known plants

Edward, good to know about 'Heavenly Angel Ice' not liking to be divided. Bit of a brain freeze about it winning the Stout for me...sure think it deserves it though!.....I will have to check out 'Yellow Monkey'...that branching is awesome!

Now, 'Rose F. Kennedy' has been one of my best consistent performers year in and year out.; dip OR tet! But, I spoke with someone else this year who said it actually didn't thrive for them in their northern garden. Surprised me, because most folks I've spoken with have really liked its garden performance....another Stout contender in my book!

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One of my favorite dips that I grow and really just a favorite in general in Bee's Betty Sue.

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Wow, you guys are awesome! I have HAI, last year it was establishing so I hope to see better this year. It wouldn't take any pollen at all...I notice the spidery ones are harder to cross or me. RFK- I put Emerald Starburst in last year so Ican't wait to see what it can do. I also have a few in my seedling bed tnat I'm watching...I hope they will go crazy this year, you know, now that we have some WATER.

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