Rainbarrels/ Source for barrels in Georgia?

mountainsong(z5 CNY)April 6, 2004

The statistics are looking grim: "Driest March in 75 years.." , "Half of usual annual rainfall by this time of year..." I would rather not wait until water restrictions are put into effect, so I drifted over onto this forum from my usual haunts: Georgia Gardening, Cottage Gardens, and the Composting/ Soil Forums. I've done some searches on Dogpile and Google for "barrels" and "Atlanta, GA," but have not had a lot of luck yet. I think I'm getting DH into a good frame of mind to work with me on making some rain barrels. Does anyone have good sources for northern Georgia? Also, I'm very interested in reading more about others' experiences with rain barrels. They can be very expensive, but I don't think they have to be? I'd love to see more communities doing what Austin, Texas Bremerton, Washington and Vancouver, B.C. (Canada) have been doing: subsidizing rain barrels for city residents.

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DYT4000(9 FL)

I picked up a half barrel from Kmart that was an old Jack Daniels barrel. Sure did smell good!! $14.99

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redblossom40(z8-9 sierra)

Hi, you know you might want to try winery? I'm not sure if you have any around, but it's worth looking into. They only use them once and then get rid of them. In California a whole barrel cost about $10.

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PKguy was discussing a rainbarrel watering system elsewhere and said that he has found barrels for free at CocaCola bottling plants. Living in Georgia, that should be a resource you can locate! He says he asks for the barrels from phosphoric acid. He lives in Canada, so there may be different customs/laws/liabilities about being able to get these. He asks the guard at the gate for them.

Someone else on the thread said they see them advertised in the want ads.
gutter water distribution thread from the Renewable Energy Forum

I have rainbarrels from the Garener's Supply catalogue.
75 gal rainbarrel
They were very expensive, and I am certain you can do better. I just needed something that held a lot of water, and was very handy. I have limited do-it-yourself potential at my house!

Check out the thread from Renewable Energy, I linked in my response there to a barrel tap that you might find usefull. I like my rainbarrels. The only problems I have had are 1)the one in the back yard was not elevated and I could not get fast enough flow to fill a watering can, and 2)the darned drain hose was always getting loose (dogs hitting it?) and draining the water out of the barrel. So this year I have purchased a platform to put it on to elevate it and get some flow, and will rig something better to hold the hose. The rainbarrel in the front garden is at the top of a slope, so does drain easily.

I get the mosquito-control rings that have bt to inhibit the hatching of mosquitos in the standing water in the barrels. I also toss a piece of one in the bottom of all of my gardening containers that have water reservoirs in them. We don't need West Nile or more pesky skeeters!
mosquito rings

You may find these cheaper elsewhere, I only linked here because I was already on their site. I find that they last more than a month, too.

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pcow(Z7 GA)

Just noticed this on the Walter reeves site .

"Sources of rain barrels on the Internet include GardenerÂs Supply (www.gardeners.com), Spruce Creek Rain Saver (www.sprucecreekrainsaver.com) and Rain Barrels and More (www.rainbarrelsandmore.com).
My research also led me to a company in Gwinnett County called Raindrops. Two women run it. Karen Alexander (770-813-0271) and Lynda Green (770-623-3226). Prices range from $65.00 to $85.00 per barrel. The Extension Service also suggests making your own. Possible barrel sources include food distributors. They may give them to you for free!

June 2004 - Try Ron Brinkley, warehouse manager, Coca-Cola Bottling Co, College Park, (678.553.1607) as a source of barrels.

Rain Pail
Wagner Distributing
1380 Warrenton Hunt
Lawrenceville, Ga 30043"

Hope this helps

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there are many companies that supply cleaning solution to industrial car wash, they are listed in yellow page in your area. you can call them up ask them see if they give away or sell empty barrels, that is how i got mine. good luck to you, th

Here is a link that might be useful: my rain barrels

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rip1129(z7 neatlanta)

I bought whiskey rain barrel at Luxury Landscape off Hwy 316 in Lawrenceville. It has an operating pump and was perfect for my needs- since my garden is 100 feet from the house and I refuse to irrigate with fresh tap water - I just use the barrel water. I fill the barrel up with tap water and let is outgas the chlorine for a few days - I also make a mushroom compost tea solution using a paint strain bag> I get a 1/2 yard of mushroom compost from them for this purpose. The barrel cost me $190 but its great. You'll like Luxury Landscape if youve never been there - niceest place and people around.

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davisgarden(z8 Atl)

I got barrels from Chambers Drum Company in Fairburn, Georgia for $9.50 per barrel. They are a very nice company and very helpful. These were plastic, closed top, food grade barrels sold as is. Mine had grape flavoring in them that washed out easily. They are only open Monday through Friday 8-4:30. 770-964-7467

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What's wrong with a plastic garbage can? They are cheap and readily available.

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Here in New Orleans I find used heavy plastic 55 gallon drums easy to find in the paper for about $10 each. These are used in the food biz.
Check out freecycle and here in N.O. we have nolafrugal as a yahoo groups. I know they would have these yahoo groups in Atlanta.

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This forum must still be viewed regularly since I found it easily in a Google search. I thought I would add a couple of comments since the drought situation in Georgia is still in full swing.

I live on the south side of Atlanta, near the airport. As of 2008, Chambers Drum Company in Fairburn is still selling food grade barrels. Their prices have gone up to $16.50.

Craigslist (http://atlanta.craigslist.org) is very popular right now, wherever you live.
I found several inexpensive rain barrels. The company I used is on the south side of town near me and is at: www.AtlantaRainBarrels.com .
There were also companies listed all over the Atlanta area that were selling rain barrels. You shouldn't have to drive very far to find one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Atlanta Rain Barrels

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I picked up a real nice rain barrel from Wholefoods in Sandy Spring last week. It costs $99, not cheap but considerably much more affordable than ordering online and pay shipping. It is in clay color and blended right in with the brick front of my house. Designed well too: with a screened top, a spigot for the water hose and an overflow on top. Check it out. I like to buy 3 more if budget allows.

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How much water are you collecting with your barrels per day. I have heard many claims and would like to get some experienced feed back if possible.

I have a client who is collecting approximately 10 gallons a day from his air conditioner units.

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