organic_kitten(8)March 20, 2013

Jean, have you been able to be out in the garden any more?

I spent all day outside yesterday, and managed to get the big iris bed (10X25) weeded. I do have a small area where I used a bit of Round Up on some of the very invasive Evening Primrose. Also, I decided that while I won't mulch right around the irises, the bed will be mulched except for immediately around the fans. I am tired of all the repeat heavy weeding.

One more iris bed, and a few other smaller areas and I will be ready for spring. which arrived today. But we are having a freeze tomorrow, and a cold week with nighttime freezes next week.

Ah well, all you can do about weather is complain. I hope you are having a good time in the garden, and do be very careful.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Hi KAy. I HAVE been out in the garden several times this week, weeding as best I can.I sure can not do what I could do last spring.I was out about 3 hours yesterday afternoon, sitting on a stool weeding, but even after I watered good the day before,The ground is like cement and the weed don't pull out so good..But, anyway,I just love being outside in the gardens trying to do my thing, anyway.The one garden is half of the front yard, almost,and the weeds are terrible in it. Litle short things that looks like miniature clover.Really,I don't know what its called, but it certainly has took over my beds.I have Lily bulbs planted here and there in it too,and they are coming up too, Found about 12 LIlies up about 3 inches,and I accidently broke one off at ground level before I found I have more coming up.They have multiplied,and I am just thrilled about That as I think they are so pretty, too.I have 3 more beds to tackle with weeds,when I can get this big one done..I cant stay with it long enough to make a big dent in it, before I have to get up off my stool and go rest a bit.Since falling in November,The back is more of a problem then it was before, now.AH yes, this weather is crazy, isn't it, very warm for a day or two, then cold again.I can handle the cold, just not that cold north wind.


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Are you not getting rains to soften your ground? I cannot believe we are getting such good rains. You will probably build up to being able to work longer. Yesterday was my first full day. We went to the gym this morning, then ate breakfast out.

I have been outside today feeding all of my roses and my clematis some rich composted manure, and I also fed my neighbor's roses. She has been very ill, and she is a wonderful neighbor, so I will care for her roses when I care for mine. She has only a dozen, so it isn't a big job. They need mulched, which will be a big job, but I will try to get to it. I am going to feed the daylilys fish emulsion in a few minutes. It will take a couple hours, probably, but all my babies will have been fed then.

I still have a lot to weed yet, but I am making progress and I know you are too. I love the lilies too. Mine are up, and one of the huge ones behind the blueberry bushes has put up a new one. Spring is really springing, isn't it?

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

KAY: No, I am not getting much rain here,When it rains,Its not doing any good. We got less then a quarter inch a few days ago, stayed cloudy and cool all day with a Mist, so didn't do the ground any good.I don't have no cow manure yet to put around anything.I usually have it done by now,,I did mix up some fish fertilizer in a 15gallon plastic box I have and gave each of the potted daylilies all a drink of it,and just a fewew that's planted, before I gave out. I mixed up 2 of these plastic boxes full which made 30 gallons,and I watered them each with a watering can, took a long time to get that done.I have tried several times to use a hose end sprayer, but it clogs up and wont work..I will get some on the rest of the plants in a day or so.. Its 62 today here, but that brisk norh wind makes it seem much cooler.


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Well, I put out two gallons of fish emulsion, but didn't get but about two thirds of them done. I fed all the roses and started weeding the third iris bed. That wind is blowing here too. Supposed to freeze tonight.

I'm sorry about the rains. somehow, I guess I figured if we were getting rain, you would be too.

I'm really tired now, even though I only spent four hours outside today. I guess it's the gym doing it. I'm going to rest a few minutes, then cook supper. We'll get all this done yet, Jean.

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mizellie(z7 Al)

I haven't done much Kay. To cold, or wet! We had some pretty bad storms here, a freeze warning tonight too! A lot of famiily and friend sickness also has kept me from the yard. Maybe I'll get started by the time they are ready to bloom!!

I hope you are doing well Jean! Missed you all!!


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Hi Ellie,

Ouch! It is hard to have sickness. As I told Jean, I am taking care of my neighbor's roses since she is still very fragile.

Our weather has been bouncing from cold to much more springlike, then cold again. And it is freezing here tonight too. Plus, we have a couple of freeze day warnings for next week.

I still have an awful lot of weeding and mulching to do, but I am able to spend the day working in the yard again. I get awful tired, but I can do it. Hope everything goes well and you can get outside in pretty weather soon.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Hi ELLIE: Good to see you here again, and so sorry about the sickness.I wasn't sick, but was laid up for almost 7 weeks with another broken wrist. This one hasn't healed right like the other one doe a couple years ago, different Dr this time, and the wrist is very deformed looking, not straight like the other one. Dr says it will fill in in time, but,I do not think that's going to happen.
Maybe the weather will warm up soon and stay nice so you can get out in the yard, too


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

OH Jean, so sorry to read that you got another broken bone. I do hope you mend quickly and compleatly.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Hi Rita; Yep, I really took a bad tumble back in November and broke my other wrist,and the hospital sent me to a different dr. and this time,I don't think the wrist healed rightlike my other wrist did.and Geez, this is my right hand too,as I am right handed and all my strength was in my right looks deformed,and it hurts every day, has never stopped hurting.besides breaking the wrist, I busted my head open too,my forehead above the right eye.iT has give me some problem too at daughters tell me its a miracle I am alive after that nasty fall..,so glad to see you on the forum again.


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