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idaho_rc(ID)April 18, 2005


I have just bought a new house that has a 1/4 acre. The downside is it's on city water and is quite expensive to water. Another downside is that I like to keep a green lawn. So I'm trying to find ways to keep it green and healthy but not using as much water. I'm doing the basics that I know of right now(please let me know if they're wrong): fertilizing and mulching on one of the highest settings on my lawn mower.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Eliminate most of the lawn, and splurge on water for the rest.

Cut WAY back on the fertilizer - it stimulates growth and that requires more water.

Get a moisture meter, and only water when it shows that the ground is dry enough to need it.

\when you water, water deeply, to get the roots to grow deep where they are safer from short sry spells.

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