Perfect for dried flowers - Strawflower!

horkus1(7)June 22, 2011

Just thought I would give one of my suggestions for beautiful dried flowers - try a Strawflower plant. They are PERFECT for drying and do not lose any of their shape or beauty once they are cut. The plant itself thrives in hot weather and grows so prolifically that, in my experience, they need regular pruning or can become leggy. I discovered how gorgeous the dried version is by accident - I was pruning as usual and set the cut blooms off to the side. I forgot about them and when I "found" them again, they were gorgeous. I even had a friend over that spotted them and begged me to share. I had the "Golden Beauty" variety which is yellow with an orange center but they also come in white, orange, and a pink/peach color.

Just thought I would share!


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