Connecting 2 - 55 gal Drums together?

vgkg(Z-7)April 28, 2003

Hi Folks, I've got plans to catch the rain water from my downspout and have obtained 2 55 gal drums for the "catcher". Does anyone have a double-drum set up? Was wondering if it's better to have one drum on top of the other or side-by-side. And if there's a good diagram to use to connect both together. Any thoughts on this are greatly appreciated. Thanks, vgkg

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KriswithaK(z6 MO)

I have 3 that are side by side. I connect them with a pipe connector. It has NPT threading on the inside of the barrel along with a large brass nut to keep it from falling out & garden hose type threading on the other end. Then I use regular garden hose (cut to the size I want)to link them togather. When 1 fills up it overflows into the adjoining barrel.
How do you get the water to the barrels? I use a device called the Garden Water Saver or something like that. I love it! I have to put my barrels about 10 feet from the rain gutter & this lets me do it easily. Plus, unless you pointed it out to someone, they will never even notice it is on your house. Good for fussy neighbors!

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