Rain barrel stack

eaglesc_technowhacko(z7/8 SC)May 15, 2003

I hope some one here has seen what I'm looking for.

I started rain water collecting last year and because of lousy water pressure from the city have decided to make it my primary water system for the garden.

I presently have two 225 gallon containers.

I also have collected some 55 gallon drums both metal and plastic.

I had seen a web site where someone mad a "barrel stack" that was on the gable end of his house fed directly by the rain gutters.

Because of space considerations that is what I want to build.

I can figure out how to "plumb" it but not wanting to reinvent the wheel I wondered if anyone has built a "stacked" system"

They say the drought is over here in S.C. but I don't believe THEM,whoever THEY are.

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KriswithaK(z6 MO)

I'm not sure I understand what it is your looking for. Do you want to "stack" your containers on top of one another? Or are you refering to something completely different?

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eaglesc_technowhacko(z7/8 SC)

I realize I will not increase the pressure much by stacking them but yes,I would like to sack them horizontally mostly to save space.
THis would aslo help in the present weather cycle we are in. The more water I have on hand the less I'll need it.
The rain gods have been good to us so far.

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KriswithaK(z6 MO)

I like your idea. Were you planning on stacking them pyramid style or building a rack with layers?
Pyramid style, I think that if your bottom barrels are strong enough to hold the extra weight, you shouldn't have any problems. Just be sure to empty the top barrels first.
If you build a rack, I would reccomend using steel. I'm not sure if wood would hold the weight.

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Is this what you are talking about? I saw this and got very excited! Can we ever have enough rain barrels? The answer is no!


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