Dried Viburnums

sylky00(z6 KY)July 27, 2007

I saw a site that offered dried viburnums for sale. They looked really nice, and I'm tempted to try them. I'm just curious as to why I've never seen them offered as a dried flower before. Has anyone else dried them successfully before, or know of any reason why they wouldn't be useful as a dried? Thanks for any help.

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neil_allen(z5/6 Chi IL)

I tried them for the first time this year after seeing them listed in some refernces as making good sried flowers. By the time I noticed this, all we had were a few of our arrowwood viburnams still to bloom. They dried nicely, although the stems weren't as long as I'd like. If they hold up, next year I'll try drying some blooms from a fragrant asian viburnum, too, and see if I can't find some with longer stems.

I picked them when they were still in bud. They dry more quickly than I expected for a woody plant.

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sylky00(z6 KY)

Thanks for the reply, Neil. After seeing the dried viburnums, I tried looking them up online. There's zillions of viburnums, so it'll be a long-term project... One variety that was mentioned as being good cut or dried was V.opulus 'Sterilis'. Another was V. macrocephalum. I haven't run across any others yet. It would be wonderful if they did dry-there aren't that many white or cream flowers.

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