Snow coming - Upstate NY

Julia NY(6)March 30, 2012

Yup, they are predicting we will have up to 2 inches of the white fluffy stuff. Suppose to start late this evening into Saturday. Not an April Fools joke either. Wish it was :-(.

I'm hoping it will be all rain since I don't think the plants are enjoying all this cold/wet temps we have been having this past week. Today, 50's and sunny. Seems so odd to have the snow prediction but I guess anything is possible.

Most of the daylilies are up quite a bit. I'm sure the EV's and SEV's are going to turn to mush. DARN.I'm still missing several which haven't showed up yet. Probably afraid after this weeks cold/wet/windy week. LOL.

If your having warm temps...emjoy. Wish it was happening here.


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Julia, We're warm, but hoping for some rain this weekend. I hope you don't get much cold damage. Bundle up!

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Oh dear. The weather has been cooler here (central Delaware), but still very lovely.

In the late 80's I was working in Gillette, Wyoming (living in Montana), and there was an April blizzard, about 3 feet. All the cows had just dropped their calves, and they all perished, buried in snow drifts. I was staying at a motel, and looking out the window couldn't see any cars in the parking lot at all.

Goodness, doesn't that sound like an old geezer story told by a white bearded toothless guy chomping on a pipe.


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Hi Julia. This is exactly what has worried me about the unusual May like weather in March. The daylilies are up 8 -10" and then we had a 28 degree low last week and we have had snow before in April. How will snow affect daylilies which have grown so tall already? I worry about the freeze thaw roller coaster. Please let us know how your daylilies

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Oh Julia,
I hope it isn't snow! We are on the other end of the spectrum, with rain today (good) but 87 degrees predicted Sunday! And severe weather (tonadoes possible) Monday or Tuesday. Arggh! Auful weather almost everywhere.

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Maryl zone 7a

Although our daytime highs have been in the mid 80's the weatherman reminded us last night that in 2007 almost the same scenerio was happening - and then suddenly we dropped to 24 degrees on April 7th. We really aren't considered safe until mid April around here, but the plants are already growing so lush that dividing them in a few weeks time wouldn't be good for their survival with the certain hot temperatures coming...I wish your plants the best with the cold front coming in. How depressing if there is a lot of damage done......Maryl

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

No, no snow. Things are growing already. Don't need snow!

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Julia NY(6)

The updated forecast shows us getting a mix of snow/sleet. We are right on the edge. The worse is having sleet.South of us will get rain. I'm hoping they are wrong. We shall see what I find when I get up tomorrow. Hopefully RAIN only.


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Hey don't go making fun of us old geezers with white beards and no teeth--I resemble that!!----------------Weedy

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I think our weatherman enjoys taunting all us gardeners with his cold snap predictions. Yes, I expect at least one more freeze too, but he acts as if he cannot wait! And he does it every year. He had predicted this change to cold since the beginning of February, and it hasn't happened yet.

Just tell me the day before. Don't threaten me for eeks. And today, he starts about tornadoes Mo0nday or Tuesday. He is a super weatherman though, and the only one I would watch. W e actually usually have two cold snaps, around Easter, and "blackberry winter". Crazy weather everywhere.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Snow??Drats. its been i n mid to upper 80's here, until today and it was a nice 68 here, so I was outside most of the afternoon pulling weeds, trying to get a handle on the weeds before they take over everything, while my girls fuss at me to stay in the house and out of the yard, not strong enough yet to be in the yard, ssssso I asked how do I get stronger if i cant go out in the yard in the sunshine.


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I felt so bad for those of you getting the cold, freezing weather--can't imagine what it will do to your plants. Whereas we have this very warm weather, and everything is coming up like crazy. Most of our daylilies are already very large, and I am afraid we will have a big freeze in April like we did one year. Mother Nature is playing a cruel joke on us this year if that happens. Avedon

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My husband and I went to Costco yesterday for some odds and
ends, cold rain had been predicted for later in the day.
We left the store a bit after noon and as we stepped out----oh no---very cold rain and chunks of ice were falling!

That stuff is hard on the head. We were not dressed for this kind of goings-on. My jeans got wet, water rain down
my hair and dripped on to the rest of me.

We got home OK and finally got out purchases in the house
and changed clothes. Deliver me from hard rain and chunks
of ice?????


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celeste(zone 4 NH)

Seems like you and I are in the same boat. We are having snow flurries and it's cold and raw again today. My daylilies also started popping up and were frozen solid with the past week's hard freezes at night. Mostly it's in the low to mid 20's at night but there was a night it was in the teens. My poor daylilies are now mush for the most part.
I have NEVER had anything growing this early. My roses had just started leafing out and lots of the leaf buds are shriveled from the freeze. Most of my dormant daylilies were 'smart' enough to stay underground just yet, but the evergreens & semievergreens foliage are toast. The spring bulbs are popping up (although not open yet) but I never worry about them. That stretch of 70-degree weather tricked our poor plants!
I hope that snow stays south for you. Let us know how your daylilies made out once things start to feel more like spring. Good luck.


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Julia NY(6)

Well it looks as though we dodged the snow and ice. Got up and didn't see anything other than rain. Temps are only just reaching 40 F now. Very cold and damp.
I did walk about in the garden to check the plants and no ice on anything so if it did snow/sleet during the night,it had to be very brief here. The sev's and ev's are not liking the temp change. Dormants are not skipping a beat and look as good as when they first emerged a few weeks ago.
We shall see what happens in the long term.

The butterfly bushes were toasted (not from heat) from the last dip we had a week ago. I'm not sure if they will set new leaves again. I'll need to check around on what the downside will be. All the leaves are wilted BUT amazingly, the lilac bush is leafed out and the bloom buds appear not to be affected. Same with our weeping cherry tree and the other ornamental cherry trees. They don't seem bothered as of yet.

The wild lupine foliage is flattened down and forget about tulips this year. They are not going to bloom. Ugly twisted foliage. The lilies are not poking up yet. Maybe they died or just smart enough to stay hidden longer.

Could those of you who are having the "warm" temps please send it north? I'd appreciate getting back into the 60's again...if possible.


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I would dearly love to share...high 80s predicted for tomorrow with the inevitable storms to follow.

I am so glad you avoided snow, Julia.


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Julia NY(6)

Well, it has been raining with snow mixed in this afternoon. We have a freeze warning up for Monday into Tuesday.
I have the Weather Channel app on my Kindle and the alert came on this afternoon.

Here we go again........


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Waitforspring(6 MA)

Sounds like you weather is similar to ours. Just got back from a week at my mother's where the temps were in the 70s.
Here yesterday we had cold rain and a high of 43 and then this morning there was a frost! Fortunately it was a light frost and except for a couple of daffodils the plants seem to be fine. My daylilies are up 6-10 inches from the warm weather earlier and I know we're still not out of the woods.

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Julia NY(6)

Val: We are expecting a freeze tonight or so says the weather person. Hope they are wrong.

I've got sellers asking if I want my daylilies earlier. But I'm sticking to my original request and not taking any earlier than I normally would. That mild weather tease we had here is creating havoc on the other perennials. Hope I have a garden this year :-(.


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