Hot humid temp (90s)

sammyyummy(11)May 14, 2012

Hi. My concern is what to do with my seedlings if the temperature outside is very hot and humid. It is almost 90s and above on a daily basis. My seedlings are about 1 to 3 weeks old, and some have shown brown discoloration on the leaves which I think are scorch marks.

I'm on a bind as the seedlings need sunlight but there's just too much where I live and too hot as well. Elsewhere in the house, it's immensely shaded so the plants tended to be spindly.

What do I do?

In addition, watering also becomes an issue. I try to bottom up water them in the morning daily but I'm afraid that I Might be overwatering them.

In fact, some of them have wilted.

I'm a simple gardener, not have the luxury of accessories beyond shovel, and water hose. In zone 11.

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The hot sun is also a problem here.
I find that plants grown under few hours of direct sun light and mostly indirect sun grow better than those in full sun. They don't get leggy at all, in fact IâÂÂd rather have them leggy because the hot sun stunts their growth.

What plants are you growing? Bitter melon and basils(lemon and christmas) seem to have no problem under full sun. Eggplants once they get big enough can handle it as long as you give them enough water.

If the seedlings and transplants are planted in the sunny side, I sometimes place an object near them or over them to provide shade during the hottest part of the day. The object is removed when the plant is big and strong enough to handle the hot sun. Also, we usually water twice a day.

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