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bassketcherMay 21, 2005

I would like to use my wash machine water to water my lawn. I know to conseve water I should let it go dormant for the summer however it is a good sourse of mulch material so i like to keep it green. I would like to know if I can use the soapy water or how to only use the rinse water. I use mostley cold water so that is not a problem.

Is there a way todo it with out standing there and diconecting the hose for each cycle. I am curetly using Purex brand laundry soap. i am sure this will be a problem, Yes?

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Soapy water is not a problem with most plants (citrus is an exception). Read the label of the detergent you use and watch for heavy metals.
Remember that soapy water is used as a green form of insect control (aphids).
If possible I would move the watering spot around so you are not dumping soapy water over and over in the same spot.

You don't want to dump hot water straight into the garden so when washing whites you would switch to the sewage system or have a catch barrel that would slow down the water long enough to allow for cooling. You don't need to change out the hose if install a divertor in the drain line. Then its just a matter of turning a knob. Easy thing to install if you have pvc drain lines ... cast iron is much more of a pain and likely not worth the effort of installing a divertor. If you have cast iron you will need to move that washer drain hose after all ;o)

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