Making Lavender Bottles/Wands

blheron(7 and 8)July 16, 2010

I recently learned how to make lavender bottles/wands and I *love* them. For anyone who makes them I need some help!

I know they need to be made while the stems are still pliable, but I was just offered a chance to trim the flowers off a huge lavender plant. Add to that, I'm going to a Lavender Festival this weekend--I *know* I will just *have* to buy more !

My question is, is there a way to keep the cut stems pliable for an extended time until I can make them into wands? There is no way I can use all of this lavender before the stems dry out too much to use. I will be drying some, but I would like to make a bunch of wands/bottles.


Thank :o)

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neil_allen(z5/6 Chi IL)

This may come too late, but when you trim, concentrate on getting the stems where only one or two florets have bloomed. They will last in water quite a while, and you can still make wands a few days later, when perhaps half of the florets have bloomed.

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blheron(7 and 8)

Thanks Neil :). It's not too late, I have a large coffee can filled with cut lavender (in water)!

I was hoping maybe I could freeze them or there was some other magical way to keep them pliable, but I asked several vendors and farmers at the Lavender Festival and they all said basically the same thing you did.

I bought a few plants, my favorite is the variety "Grosso." It has dark purple flowers, long stems, and it *very* fragrant!

I've made a few of the bottles, but it's a slow process for me :(. Wish there was a way to prolong the freshness other than drying---they smell soooo good!

Thanks again :o).


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sylky00(z6 KY)

I'm envious of your lavender harvest; my plants were injured in an ice storm and are still recuperating.
I don't know if this will be useful to you or not, but this tip greatly reduced the amt. of time it took me to make a wand. When you are bending down the stems to make the 'cage', bring down only 1 stem at a time to start the weave. This makes the first 2 rows, which are the hardest, much easier. Let me know if it works for you.

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