Making 'driwater' (water gel)

carralluma(CA)June 19, 2006

Hello every one. If any body knows the Driwater product from the rainbird company i would like to ask in there any formula out there to make your owne homemade water gel for slow water release for you plants?

Thanks very much

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Not as far as I know.

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I read somewhere that during the making of this product it is a health issue-the dust can get into the throat and lungs, swell up and create a serious problem.

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Instead of driwater, try Zeba Quench. It's all natural, so it won't hurt you, your pets, or your plants. Plus it's supposed to hold some 400 times it's weight in water then release it back to the plants. The label says it will absorb and release water for over a year before it biodegrades. Might be easier than trying to make your own...

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I have been experimenting with my grandbaby's peepee diapers (inside is some gel that absorbs a great deal).

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I had same thought on driwater
All you should need

Here is a link that might be useful: how to make

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