Siphoning Water?

shadylady_pa(Z6 PA)June 27, 2005

The other day I mentioned to DH that it's a shame we drain the kids' bath water, and that I could use it in the garden. The reasons I don't are (1) I don't really have the time or energy to haul all those buckets down the stairs and through the house, and (2) I don't like to leave the tub full during the night (when it's not a good time to water) with young and mobile children in the house.

So, he says, "Why don't you just siphon the water through the window?"

I thought it was brilliant, and I'm wondering if anyone else here has done that. I guess I could siphon it into a rain barrel? I'd love any suggestions you could give me! We've been here six years, had drought for two, and the way things are going, we're probably looking at another restricted year. It has been terribly dry here this spring. So, I want to do whatever I can to conserve water.

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DapperDahlia(z6 Pa)

Yeah you could use a garden hose or whatever you have and siphon into barrel I dont know any harm in trying!

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I was just looking at doing the same thing! I found this siphon on the web but it's only sold in England. I'm going to take the photo to Home Depot and see if I can make something like it.

I like your idea on siphoning it into a barrel. I hadn't thought of that!

Here is a link that might be useful: Drought buster siphon

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