Request for help with pressed flowers for cards

beachlakegrower(5b PA)July 18, 2009


I'm doing collecting and pressing of flowers, ferns, leaves, etc. at a camp this summer with the idea of making cards out of what the kids collect and press. This is terra incognito for me and I thought someone out there may have experience with this and could give me some guidance.

We already started pressing some plants we've collected using newspaper sandwiched between cardboard, with perforated boards and straps holding it all together. Need to know:

  1. How can you tell when the plants are dry enough?

  2. Will flowers stick to the newspaper? Is there a good way to remove them to prevent them tearing?

  3. What is an effective way to affix dried, pressed plants to card stock? Based on some research I've done, some use Modge Podge for this.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks.



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If they have lots of moisture, press them between paper towels for a couple of days and then put them between waxed paper. Have you tried saving them by putting glycerin in water and lettimg them soak up the glucerin. The remain soft and pliable.

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