Simple Method to Make HandMade Paper?

Phyllis_LeathersJuly 21, 2003

I would like to try to make handmade paper-especially with petals inside. Are there any simple, inexpensive methods?

Thanks! :0) Phyl

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Hi Phyl,

You might check out this website

Hope this helps........Peggy

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I printed out the info you sent me at the kidscastle website. I'm interested in doing this some weekend. Thanks so much for the help! :0) Phyl

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I haven't tried it yet....but like you I'm interested in doing so.......Maybe after I retire next month!

I've got a lot of things on the agenda.......

Let me know if you try it......


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I've seen where you can take several types of paper, even junk mail, and mix them in a blender with a little water, then squeeze it out and put this paper pulp mixture on a screen, pressed out, to dry.

Has anyone tried this method?

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yes, yellowhair- it's a very simple method, and depending on how 'into' it you want to get, it can have some intriguing effects. the harder you compress it, the better a writing surface it will make, so having a block cut to fit inside the screen will give you a more compressed pulp paper-

there's also a japanese technique where you use a bit more fibrous stuff in it, and make a fairly thin slurry out of the pulp, pour it into the screen, swirl it across the surface, and then pour the extra off- they make the finest mulberry papers that way.

I tend to work with wetter pulp- I think you get a more refined finish to things, even if it takes longer, and I like to mix as many KINDS of paper in as I can, since too high a 'pulp' or 'junk' content leaves you with a lumpy gray sludge that needs dying to even be acceptable...

but it's all fun to play with, until you get practiced at it.

btw- old silk-screening screens give the finest finish, but are hard to find used, and expsenive to buy new

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I really want to try some of this, ChinaCat! I'll put this on my list. LOL I have a couple of wooden frames that I intend to use (I gather things all the time for crafts) with the screen.

So, you have like a block of wood, or what, that you lay on top of the wet pulp, and sorta flatten it by swirling it. Then you remove the block and let it dry?

What sorts of paper do you use? And the fiber would be like material cut and then strings pulled from the frayed edges. This sounds like so much fun.

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blank newsprint and old sketchbook pages, mostly- I did most of this when I was in college, and got people to give me all their color sketches when they were done with them... so I had watercolor paper and everything else mixed in there, and come of the colors bled magnificently.

and yes, you can use material- i've done some work where I actuallty backed the paper with cheap silk, to leave there, or pull off to leave a very fine texture...

you can also buy this white fiber especially for papermaking, but I've only played with scraps, no idea what it's called

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thanks---I'm going to try some of this. Was just getting some pressed flowers ready to frame, using 3 different kinds of paper to glue them on. And I thought----if I did some handmade paper, I'd have more of a variety to glue my flowers on. Our Office Depot carries a lot of different types of paper, too. But, the handmade just looks "unique." thanks

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Found a great post to follow! It's a simple step-by-step guide on how to make handmade paper, photos and captions included. Here's the link:

How to Make Handmade Paper

Here is a link that might be useful: ::The Open End::

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I don`t know how to make this kind of paper, but recently i saw this kind of work on handmade paper website, i think it would be helpful for you.


Here is a link that might be useful: Handmade Paper Manufacturers

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