Rain barrel questions

Rick_Seattle(98116)June 23, 2005

I just set up 3 barrels connected in series. Two of the barrels are the typical blue kind with 2 bung holes in the top. I have the holes plugged with bungs to keep out bugs and debris--they're air tight.

I opened one of the bung holes yesterday and noticed a pressure escape sound. Should I be venting these? It appears that the water level is even across the 3 barrels, but where does the air go as they fill?

By the way, the barrels are 90% full after 2 days of rain. You got to love Seattle.

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use a small 1/32" or 1/16" drill to drill an air bleeder holes.

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Have you ever thought about this?

Where does the rain water come from??

It runs off of your asphalt roof, which is made up of very small crushed rocks which have been painted with a very toxic paint to remain on the rocks and place upon a bed of very toxic petroleum based hot tar. The water the slowly seeps through this toxic maze and into the gutter and into your barrels.

Then these same do-gooders raves about how great this water is, but at the same time they screams about not have pressure treated wood within 1 mile of their veggiesÂ. Because to contaminate run off.

I just wonder why they never saw this inconsistency

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Thanks for the tip.


Not sure how your post pertains to my question, but thanks. The common practice is not to put rain water on edible plants, strickly ornamentals. People are aware of these issues, behave accordingly, and there is no inconsistency. It's also pretty well documented the degree of residue that comes off each type of roofing material. In many parts of the world rain harvesting is essential to surving, as it's the only source of fresh water (carribean). For people in the US having a enamelled steel roof can provide contaminate free run off. Slap on a UV filter system and you can live off the water grid.

Since setting up 3 rain barrels, I've reduced my daily water comsumption from the city by 15 gallons a day. Better yet, I'm watering more regularly and my plants are triving.

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Drafted 72 , you stopped too soon, the chemicals on your roof also escape into the air and you breathe them quite regularly, don't you?? And the water that comes off the roof in many cases returns to the aquifers, streams, wells, and then into our drinking water. We have to clean up the whole world to get really clean water.

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