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shirley1md(7)July 3, 2002

I am relatively new to drying and pressing flowers. I grow a large variety of perennials, shrubs, roses, and herbs in my garden, but have never dried or pressed the flowers. I would like to learn more about this wonderful tradition of saving and preserving treasured flowers, roses, berries, leaves, etc. Can anyone recommend a good book that you have enjoyed using that covers drying & pressing a wide assortment of plant material?

Your help is greatly appreciated!

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Betty Wiita's "Dried Flowers for all Seasons" is a very informative book for those getting started in these areas as it covers both drying & pressing. Also "The Complete Book of Everlastings" by Mark & Terry Silber is very good.

For pressing only, I like Penny Black's "Complete Book of Pressed Flowers"

I must warn you -- Growing, drying & pressing becomes addictive and your life may never be the same! Good luck!

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Most of my books are older, but some I haven't seen surpassed in good solid information by the newer full-color oversized books, so I'll list my favorites. Perhaps someone might like to seek one on the used-book sites.

Penny Black's books are great! I have "A Passion for Flowers", "Dried Flowers", "Book of Cards & Collages" and "Scented Flowers". The first listed is a great read as well as inspiration toward imaginative use of all sorts of botanical treasure. Very well illustrated.

My best illustrated (mostly in b/w drawings) and most wide-ranging book is by Maureen Foster, entitled "The Flower Arranger's Encyclopedia of Preserving and Drying". She shows a few finished arrangements but it's primarily a fine resource for how to prepare the material.

An older book is Arno & Irene Nehrling's "Garden for Flower Arrangement". My copy is of a Dover reprint in 1976 but I'd urge that if you could locate a copy, it would be invaluable. Back cover states it covers methods for drying 371 different plants. Also covers fresh arrangements, and forcing 53 different types flowers/branches. Only a few b/w illustrations.

Somewhat later book (1987) is Malcolm Hillier & Colin Hilton's 'The Book of Dried Flowers". Nice color illustrations and fairly wide selection of plants covered.

A very useful book is the RD Handbook "Flower Arranging", also edited by Malcolm Hillier, which is about half-devoted to fresh, half to dried flowers. Very well illustrated. Mine is dated 1990 but may still be in print.

I have even more, but these are the most thorough and wide-ranging. I haven't bought any in recent years...possibly there's a great new one that covers even more material. jo

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Thanks you VERY much for the wealth of information on drying and pressing to preserve your flowers & other plants. I will try to see if I can borrow some from my public library first. If they are not in print, I'll check out some on-line book sellers. I will have my summer reading "cut out" for me! It will be well worth all the reading and knowledge gained, to preserve our garden "treasures".

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pinecone(East Texas)

I have older books. You might want to do a search on eBay for the older books. In the search area type in the Title you have been given by the GWS members.

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Excellent suggestion, Pinecone!

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Any book written by Penny Black or Joanna Sheen is a winner. "Fragile Beauty: the Victorian Art of Pressed Flowers" by Sandy Puckett is also a beautiful book.

A couple of suggestions: (1) see what your library or used book store has in stock, and (2) go to and do a book search for "dried flowers" or "pressed flowers." A large number of titles will come up--old and new--which will give you a good place to start. Have fun!

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go to and do a search on pressed flowers. There are many used books available and I have saved alot that way.

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redrosey(z4 MT)

I agree with Josh and Ichabod: Penny Black's "Book of Pressed Flowers" is totally inspirational and head & shoulders above any other book I've seen on the subject. She is a truly original artist and inspired me to start pressing and creating compositions myself. My style is quite different from hers but I learned a lot about technique. All her books are beautiful in themselves.

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This of course is an old post but I hated to see it disappear. Plus I found that Dover has again reprinted the Nehrlings' book (for only $5.95..!!!) which I just had to mention. It is small but packed solid with information and I still refer to my tattered and note filled copy often. Almost every small tree, shrub, vine or bulb I've planted over 30 years was done because I wanted fresh cuts and dried material in addition to enjoying them in the garden..this book was invaluable.

I hope others will add to this thread again. Are there any more perhaps newer books out there that you can highly recommend? josh

Here is a link that might be useful: Nehrling's Book

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IndianPaintBrush(z5 ID)

A response to the "Pressed Flower" Books..... trust me, I am no expert at any of this, & just recently am very new at learning the technique of "drying & pressing" Flowers.

I ordered a book through Lee Valley to go with my new Microwave Flower Press... it is written by Joanna Sheen and is called: "Microwaved Pressed Flowers," New Techniques for Brilliant Pressed Flowers. It is copyrighted in 1998 and is not a big book, (only 112-pages) but has beautiful color photo illustrations.

The book gives alot of really neat ideas of pressing & drying all kinds of flowers, & also things to make with them. So far, I am enjoying it, but have much to study & read yet!

Hope this helps some... good luck, & blessings with your "pressing & drying!"

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