wild rabbits and drought

flemfam4(5)July 12, 2012

We are in the middle of a severe drought in SE WI. I've been watering my mixed shrub, tree and perennial bed trying to save what I can. Many of the shrubs and perennials were newly planted last year. Since I have just about the only green oasis in the neighborhood the rabbits have been eating what they can to survive. I can't blame them and usually there's more than enough plants for the both of us, except this year they are really taking a toll. Is there anything that I can feed them to supplement their diet so it doesn't have to be the plants?

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Nope. Fence in the shrubs and provide a drinking basin for them. A birdbath placed on the ground will work.

They CAN eat dried vegetation, they just need more water to properly digest it.

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john_p_wi(4 / 5 SE WI)

Sorry for not answering your question, but I too live in SW WI and my garden has been attacked by rabbits, ground hogs, deer and turkeys in ways that it never has before. This drought is terrible. We have had less than 0.25" of rain in the last month and a half. Good luck. John

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Can you get them some of the commercial rabbit/guinea pig food and put out for them. A bowl of water as already suggested to go with it.

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