Keeping the foundation from cracking...

Gardener972(7b-8a DFW)July 2, 2005

We seem to be in a drought here in north Dallas. Apparently, everyone around us got rain. With the drying/expanding soil here, we've set up soaker hoses all around the foundation. How often would you recommend that they be run? How wet/dry should the soil be around the foundation?

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I would guess a stable moisture content would be the goal .. so you would want to add in theory the daily ET ( Evapotranspiration )for your area that is lost from the soil ..

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Gardener, i planted low growing perenials(lantanas,mexican heathers, hibiscus,dailily....) all around the foundation of my house as they help retain moisture and add collors to the exterior house. the plant also remind me to water, i turn on soaker hose once a week for 3 hours and that seem good enough.

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