Cuttings - IDs?

chaparralgirl(Sonoran Desert (CA))December 13, 2011

I got these yesterday at HD - they had fallen off their parent plants. (I offered to pay for them, but they just let me have them.)

Several cuttings I could readily identify, so I won't bother with close-ups of those; but these ones I'm not sure of.

I know, not really much to go by. The one on the right I think is Crassula platyphylla. The one on the left I have no idea.

These next few pics I don't know at all, but it sure is neat looking.

This one I was able to ID as Crassula tetragona; I just thought it was cool enough to post. :)

Now, they had two 4" pots of this poor, pitiful little plant that just looks like it's on its last leg. I probably should've left well enough alone, but it tugged at me - I felt like maybe I could possibly bring it back. They offered me a discount on it, so I bought both pots. There was no label (of course), other than to say that it was a succulent. (Duh.) From what remains of it, anyone think they can possibly ID this thing?


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi CG,

Perhaps next time you could number the pix for ease of reference.

So from your first pic, lower right hand corner (or the 5 pix before Crassula tetragona, the one you called neat looking) that is another Crassula, either lycopoidioides or C. muscosa or in that group somewhere (likely Norma can nail it down for us if she's around).

The likelihood of IDying single leaves & even some broken ones is small, if they grow into a plantlet, then one can revisit the question of their ID.

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In the group of 4 pictures the right two I believe to be crassula capitella 'campfire'. I have one and the leaves look identical.


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chaparralgirl(Sonoran Desert (CA))

Just a quick reply - I have read the responses so far, and I'm grateful for the input. I do have more I want to add to the discussion, but I have a final tomorrow that I need to study for. I'll be back on probably tomorrow. Thanks so much!


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