Need Low Maintenance Shrubs/Perennials For Part Sun/Shade

millerthymeJuly 14, 2006


I'm looking for suggestions as to what to plant in a border that sits under an old persimmon tree, against a north and a east facing fence. I'd say the area gets bright shade to part sun (it gets a bit of direct sun everyday, in the summer). The border is between 3'-5' deep. I need low maintenance plants for this area, that are also relatively low in water needs. This is a rental property. Any suggestions?

Thanks much!


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I would go with Boxwoods. There are many varieties to choose from, they're not too expensive, and they fill in nicely. They're fairly slow growing and need a good bit of watering to begin with but in the long run, they're very low maintanence. They do not need regular watering and they're evergreen so no worries of frost. All mine need are a little trimming here and there to keep their "box" shape.
Happy Gardening,

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I know this is an old post - but maybe someone can help me here - I bought several Japanese boxwoods - 1 gallon - and unfortunately did the research on them after buying them. I see they are considered slow growing - does this mean once they mature or does it mean slow growing up to and including reach maturity?

I also bought two 5 gallon english boxwoods - does the same apply here?

thanks alot

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I'm all about plants that do something and don't need a lot of water. How about a rosemary? They're drought tolerant, flower, smell and taste great. Or a lavender plant. Or try some natives.

My aloe vera likes a bit of shade here in The Valley, you might try some in that spot, it will spread and you can use it on your sunburn after the beach! I grow other succulents in part shade like jade plants (winter flowering).

Boxwoods are slooooooooow in general.
I have a mature hedge and decided I'd like it to be a little taller. I stopped trimming it a YEAR ago. It's gotten a little fluffier, with a few inches of growth on the sides. The top has sparse growth, the tallest sprig is only about 8 inches tall!

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