Curled up soaker hoses

adker(4 NY)July 15, 2003

I think this might be appropriate for this forum, I'm usually lurking over in the Northern Gardening forum.


does anyone have a good way to uncurl the recycled tire soaker hoses without kinking them and possibly damaging them?

Imagine my disappointment this evening when I went outside to install my new water-saving system and took down two of my perennials with that maddening curly monster.

Any ideas would be appreciated!


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Leave them lying on a hot driveway until they soften up a bit, then uncoil them.

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jxbrown(z10/24 SD, CA)

I stretch them gently as I lay them out and use stakes to hold them in place until they soften up a little.

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I make hairpins out of old stiff wire andpin them down if thye are notcooperaytive, or just set a rock on them. Eventually they petrify in place.

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I run water through mine for a couple of hours then they lay nice. Julene

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Jillberto(Z9 CA)

I initially use bricks to hold them in place. Then after a week or two the hose will loose that "coil" memory and I can remove the bricks.

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JohnMur(z6 MA)

Use landscaper stakes. You can obtain these at most hardware stores and they are inexpensive.

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