how to make a wooden rain barrel

Gardenn_cant_stop(z8 NWFL coast)July 11, 2003

I made and successfully use a plastic rain barrel in my back yard. I want to use the rain off the front side of the house, too. The downspout in my front yard empties next to the front door, so I want something attrative. I bought an oak whisky barrel (and a half barrel, to elivate it. Does anyone have any experience and advice on converting it? I hate to cut the whole top off the barrel and, even if I did so, I'm not sure I can fit into the barrel to reach down far enough to connect a PVC pipe nut (like I did with the plastic barrel). Will the wet wood swell and, alone, hold the faucet in place? Do I need to first insert the faucet into a cork or a softer piece of wood? Any ideas?

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Wooden barrels must be kept wet, or the staves shrink and the hoops fall off. The tap has to be properly mounted with a washer or gasket inside and out to prevent leaking.

I'd use a plastic barrel and place the staves of the wooden one around it for disguise.

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