Mam. elongata 'Copper King' cristata - on its way out-a?

chaparralgirl(Sonoran Desert (CA))December 8, 2011

This is one of my favorites among my cacti. The coloring is just so vibrant. Well, it was vibrant. I want to say maybe a few days before we moved - so, about 2 weeks ago, I think? - I noticed some of it seemed to have dried out. Which, of course, means that portion has died. With the move, things have been so hectic that I haven't really had time (or remembered) to post pics and ask, so maybe at this point it might be too late to do something...?

Here's the Copper King:

Here's the healthy section:

Here's the dead section:

And a view of the soil (in case that helps at all):

Copper King is supposedly hardy to 32F; it was an inside plant before we moved, but it was inside when I first noticed the dead portion. I rarely water my cacti. But it's in the soil it came in, so that may be a factor.

Any suggestions on what to do? Should I cut off the dead part and repot what's left? It's outside now - should I bring it in? Change the soil? I'd really hate to lose it. It was a lucky find at Wal-Mart and I don't know where or when I'll find another one.


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That looks too far gone to reasonably expect a comeback, no matter how loving the care*.

*Speaking of which, theoretically it's not a goner - it would need some assiduous treatment.

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chaparralgirl(Sonoran Desert (CA))


:( Given my thumb, I imagine that such "assiduous" treatment is beyond me; but what might it entail?


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Grafting the viable parts onto a healthy cactus (the scion onto the stock).

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chaparralgirl(Sonoran Desert (CA))

Hm. Yeah, I think that might be beyond me at this point. I'm sure it's not that difficult, it's just not something I know how to do at this point in time. :(

I appreciate the feedback, though. As always. Thanks, Cactus.


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